Twitchell is an industry leader that provides American-made premium fabrics designed specifically for durability, aesthetics, and performance. Their PVC-coated polyester fabrics are perfect for both residential and commercial needs.

High Quality Fabrics and Materials

Twitchell’s products are designed to keep customers safe while providing optimal performance and experience. All Twitchell products are UV stable and lab results have demonstrated that their fabrics go many years without degradation in the sun. In comparison with cheaper quality fabrics, Twitchell fabrics are a non-phthalate based plasticizer which makes it safe to use in contact with children. Other plasticizers degrade earlier and even require special labeling. 

Twitchell fabrics are free of: 

  • Heavy metals 
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates
  • Petrochemical biocide
  • CFCs
  • HCFC
  • PBDE
  • PBT

Ease of Maintenance

Twitchell products are easily cleaned – the fabric allows for stains to be handily wiped off. In the case of touch stains, the use of diluted bleach will clean the fabric. 

Temperature and Outside Use: 

All Twitchell products come with a flame resistant guarantee. Twitchell products support a temperature range of –58°F to 225°F. Inherent biocides are used to make our products mildew resistant. The biocides will not wipe or wear off; they are part of the fabric. 

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Nano 95 Swatches

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    Dawnelle Marshall
    Dawnelle Marshall
    20:09 12 Sep 21
    We hired Shade Works of Texas to install a louvered pergola manufactured by Struxure. We were told it would be 3 months... before it was ready to be installed but it ended up being 4 months due to various delays.We had expressed concern about how they would assure the pergola was correctly attached to the existing roof, but were assured that this was a very experienced crew who had installed these many times and that would not be a problem.My husband took off work on multiple occasions to supervise the install, and was called at the last minute on more than one occasion to reschedule for a wide variety of reasons.On installation day, the crew was having difficulty locating the roof rafters, and my husband recommended they remove the soffit in order to assure they found the rafters for proper installation and were assured that they would do this. Once the crew left and my husband inspected the installation, it turns out that they missed 2 of the 4 rafters when installing the brackets. We contacted the owner and were assured that the contractor would fix the issue, but when he came out to do so, he didn't have the correct tools. Apparently they had used various hardware for the installation so his tools to remove that hardware did not work. So my husband again pointed out that with a new installation, we would assume we'd have all new hardware and it would be consistent and according to the engineering prints. Those prints indicated that 3 inch bolts would be required, but the contractor installed 2 inch bolts. When we pointed that out to the contractor, he said "most people wouldn't even notice that". While that is likely true, that doesn't make it right. My husband at this point contacted the owner to express his concerns and asked for a concession of $300 and would fix it himself, but the owner Alan refused stating his margins were too slim to do that. It was VERY concerning that the contractor did not seem to follow the engineers drawings for installation. In the end we are very happy with the actual structure, but were quite disappointed with the craftsmanship and inexperienced crew during the installation process, and the poor customer service provided by the more
    Diane E. White
    Diane E. White
    17:13 06 Nov 20
    The company provides excellent sales, service, product and installation. We are extremely happy with the courteous and... responsive customer service all around. We give our highest more
    Kathy Cain
    Kathy Cain
    19:44 19 Oct 20
    We used Shade Works of Texas for shades on both of our porches and couldn't be happier! They are very professional and... responded quickly to our quote request. I would highly recommend them! !read more
    Sherri Kinsey
    Sherri Kinsey
    17:13 20 Mar 20
    We used Shadeworks for our outdoor patio. They are wonderful. The sales person was very responsive and they had the... best price around. The installation guys were prompt and professional.The shades are a great addition. We love more
    Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson
    17:09 11 Dec 19
    great experience. Its been almost 2 years and it was a great investment! Would definitely use them again!
    Barry Ruth
    Barry Ruth
    22:59 04 Feb 19
    Representative showed up when promised to discuss my project. Shade options and installation issues were discussed and... agreed to. Installation took place several months later on the agreed upon date without any issues (had to wait for factory to produce unit and I ordered in prime time). Since unit was installed early last fall, we haven't had a chance to use it yet but a test run last week went without a hitch. Price was fair and competitive. Looks great. Nice neat more
    Kristina Casanova
    Kristina Casanova
    22:13 21 Jan 19
    We have had our shades now for over a year & a half, & we continue to love them! They are fabulous in the summer... keeping out the sun & the mosquitos, & also keeping the sun "in check" during winter when the sun is lower on the horizon. Alan & his team were extremely professional, easy-going, & helped us with all questions & made suggestions based on our needs. I would HIGHLY recommend Shade Works of Texas for not only a fabulous product, but also tremendous customer service. Thank you, Alan!read more
    Autumn Nguyen
    Autumn Nguyen
    21:49 17 May 18
    We just had our roller shades installed. Alan was very helpful and responsive. They did a great job on our main roller... shade and added fixed shades for opened areas around our patio columns.I did have to do some follow-up with the initial install as well as the fixed shades that followed. They also had to re-do some of the finished woodwork as it didn’t match the stain for our patio. But they were very understanding and kept at it to do the job right.We are so appreciative and love our roller shade. It has been so helpful with the crazy weather and our dogs during those days. We have used our patio area almost every day!read more
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